She Might Be Onto Something

“Reinhardt’s vehemently feminist work rejects assumptions associated with the suburban-maternal, creating a style incorporating elements of traditional figure drawing, collage of heavily-loaded pop-culture stereotypes, screen-printing, abstract expressionist paint application, and a strong homage to aerosol, graffiti, and street art. These styles meld to create surprisingly a symbiotic presentation of the chaos created when people are boxed-in to ideas, exploring, in her words, “sexism, materialism, consumerism, manipulative advertising, as well as personal joy, and loss”


Kathryn Waggener McGuire, Director Clerestory Fine Art

The Work

Currently working on the reverse side of glass, and plexiglass, Jenny uses anything at hand, scrapes and repaints, and uses gold leaf, acrylic paint, old sketches, and glitter to create a mysterious and magical alchemy.

Winter 2020

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"Jenny's work keeps you engaged time and time again."

Jeremy Moss

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When I see her artwork I feel serendipity joy, and bright energy. 

Cyndi Choi

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"Big things are coming for this queen and master of gesture, figure & abstraction!”

Katherine Waggener

Be Critical

Now Exhibiting

11/13 to 12/31 at CLERESTORY FINE ARTS

Select Works

She Might Be Onto Something

The title of this work represents Jenny’s emerging confidence as she delves into exploration of new materials.

Snippets From the Cosmic Carpet

These mixed-media selections from ongoing works represent the idea of ongoing human experiences within the endlessness of the Universe.

Just Let Go

With masterful compression of rich color and metallic paint under glass, this work swims in the possibility of euphoria here in the material world.

A Word
From Jenny

Watch Jenny delve into the process and meaning behind one of her favorite pieces "Call Out the Commands", currently showing at the Clerestory Gallery in Montclair, NJ.